Taylors of Woodstock

Taylors of Woodstock are a family run business based in the heart of the Cotswolds. Their primary aim in working with Corvita was to create a new identity for their company with which they could reach a larger audience beyond the local clients with which they worked.

Taylors of Woodstock
Corvita built a bespoke e-commerce platform that suited their product catalogue where no two products are ever the same. Alongside this, we have designed social, search and content strategies to open them to new clients and revenue streams, as well as developing the brand design of the company. Furthermore, we're producing ongoing video and photography work.
Taylors of Woodstock Branding Design

Why Corvita: "I've really liked the work Corvita have been doing for some time, and I've wanted to explore a more modern approach to our image and marketing, so it was a no-brainer to get in contact with them for me."

Taylors of Woodstock Intricate Woodwork

The Outcome: "I've been really pleased with the process and the outcome of the project. We've got a brand now that really reflets who we are and what we are trying to acheive, and I'm excited for the future." - Edward Taylor, Managing Director

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