Cards For Humanity

Developed in partnership with Case Western Reserve University and King's College London, Cards For Humanity is a digital set of playing cards designed to help military practitioners prepare themselves for the moral and ethical challenges posed both in conflict and in peacetime.

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Cards for humanity is an initiative based on the insight that playing cards are a ubiquitous and everyday part of life, that provides a vehicle for raising ethical awareness in military units. Through 54 carefully developed questions across the broad area of military ethics, Cards for humanity aims to prompt informal discussion and debate, normalising the discussion of ethical challenges faced by military personnel.
How can I be justified in killing people?
Working closely with invested partners, the app has been designed to be a ubiquitous part of militaries across the world. Built with Google's open-source cross-platform framework Flutter to provide a single code base across iOS and Android, the app is delivered in multiple languages (11 and counting at the time of writing), and designed to provide an easy route into learning more about the subject of military ethics.
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