Centre for Military Ethics

The Centre for Military Ethics was set up to conduct research into military ethics in order to develop and promote best practice in its education and application across global defence and security forces. The aim of the centre was to create a free to use, easily accessible distance learning platform that would both promote and facilitate the education of military ethics amongst security forces across the world.

Online Learning Platform
The Centre covers a wide range of topics and is utilised to multiple militaries across the world. The core application is managed through an admin by a small team at King's College London, allowing them to deliver their courses to a far grater audience than they might otherwise have been able to engage.
Distance Learning Platform Module Overview
The core functionality of the Centre is built around the delivery of material in video format, and then testing and challenging that knowledge with a series of questions. The Centre has the added complication that invariably there is no right or wrong answer, and so a customised measurement of success is built in to help staff build a better picture of pupils' understanding.
Distance Learning Platform Delivery
Distance Learning Platform Assessment

The Centre for Military Ethics is saving lives; a recent study found 96% of those who had taken the course indicated their approach had changed for the better.

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