Military Medical Ethics App

The overall aim of the Military Medical Ethics (MME) app is to support teaching in MME that are used by military medical services across the world. This material will raise the level of understanding of MME by military healthcare practitioners in order to maximise compliance with International Humanitarian Law and internationally agreed standards of ethical clinical practice. The material will also help practitioners prepare themselves for the moral and ethical challenges of conflict and disaster medicine and support their psychological resilience to the adverse mental health outcomes from this experience.

Mobile App Development
Corvita has helped evolve and build this communication medium, that is supporting medical professionals across the world, and tangibly saving lives. A key proponent to the build was ensuring the information was available in a focused and direct manner, while also being available beyond the scope of cultural and religious structures.
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This app is helping military medical professionals understand the international ethical frameworks under which they are working, and is tangibly saving lives.

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