Rugby Magazine

The Rugby Magazine began its life as just that, an online magazine to cover a sport that is much loved amongst the team at Corvita. From there though, the platform has grown into a service that helps support engagement and the growth of the sport.

Rugby Magazine
The Rugby Magazine fantasy platform has been designed from the ground up to provide a cutting-edge, immersive and exciting experience for rugby fans the world over. While the game retains the core elements that define online fantasy sport, it maximises the experience using a new and innovative approach to player management, an increased depth of statistical data, a modern responsive user interface and a myriad of other unique features.
With membership on the platform closing in on 50,000 registered users, the Rugby Magazine has proven to be a fantastic tool for engagement with the sport. Furthermore, the tools available on the fantasy rugby game and the depth it delivers have maintained the interest and retention of its users, providing a strong platform for focused advertising.
We've also integrated our chatbot functionality into the Rugby Magazine, allowing players to query information about specific players, club fixtures and league positions, as well as managing their team and squad. It even goes so far to suggest changes to your squad and team, all while maintaining a dialogue with the user.

The game has not just delivered value to the market, it has redefined the expectations of fantasy players across all sports.

The Game at Rugby School

Developed in partnership with Case Western Reserve University and King's College London, Cards For Humanity is a digital set of playing cards designed to help military practitioners prepare themselves for the moral and ethical challenges posed both in conflict and in peacetime.


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