Rugby Magazine Mobile App

The Rugby Magazine iOS and Android app brings the popular rugby platform to devices across the world, and includes thoughtful editorial alongside a pioneering fantasy platform that is redefining the rugby landscape.

Mobile App Development
The Rugby Magazine fantasy platform has been designed from the ground up to provide a cutting-edge, immersive and exciting experience for rugby fans the world over, and it's now available as an iOS and Android mobile app. The app has been designed to bring the global rugby audience closer to the action than ever before, and provides innumerable business benefits and cost savings that have helped streamline internal processes and deliver extremely efficient results.
The app has increased the reach of the platform by 300%, and the benefits to businesses in and around the sport of rugby have grown alongside the increased platform user base. The app has already proven itself as a fantastic too for engagement with the sport and is set to go from strength to strength.

The game has not just delivered value to the market, it has redefined the expectations of fantasy players across all sports.

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